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澳洲幸运5开奖结果官网直播 offers fitness equipment for all.

We offer a variety of fitness equipment that’s perfect for anybody of any fitness level. Whether you’re working from home and want to spice up your workspace or want to provide treadmill desks to everyone at your office, Lifespan has the fitness equipment you needs.

“Takes all the stress out of work and adds fun and health benefits instead.”
“The best part about a treadmill desk is noticing the miles fly by. With mental and physical stimulation, a day on a treadmill desk is anything but boring.”
“The TR4000i felt the sturdiest of all the treadmills we tested, and it was among the easiest to assemble.”
“Encourages physical activity while working, is quiet, and has a stable desktop with adjustable height”
“ After the first week of riding, I noticed I was getting used to typing while my feet kept pedaling. Other fitness products - like a Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike- don’t have a place to set a laptop…”
“Our favorite treadmill is the Lifespan TR4000i. It is relatively small without being puny, and foldable so you can move it anywhere at any time without hassle or help.”

At-Work Fitness Made Easy

Our standing desks and at-home gym equipment can take your workout to the next level. Whether you’re walking or running, our folding treadmills and standing desk treadmills are easy to move and provide you with a comprehensive control console that makes working out fun and strategic.

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Level up your home workouts 澳洲幸运5开奖结果体彩app

You might not always be able to work out during the work day. A long day of in-person meetings? Perhaps you had to be
on-site all day?

Don’t worry. At Lifespan Fitness, we believe you should have access to health and fitness equipment no matter where you are. Come home to the gym of your dreams with fitness equipment that pushes you to meet your goals - no matter what they might be.

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10,000 Steps Have Never Been This Easy


Create the gym of your dreams with our fitness equipment. Not interested in a Treadmill Desk? No worries! We offer all types of fitness equipment. We know that our fitness equipment will give you the push you need in order to meet your goals - no matter what they might be!


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Stay active all day long without sacrificing time after work. Walking on your treadmill desk while working benefits your mind, body, and saves you time!

Reduces Stress + Improves Mood

Increases Productivity

Increases Creativity

Promotes Healthy Body Weight

Humans weren’t meant to sit all day

Not surprisingly, studies have shown that sitting for 8+ hours a day has a negative impact on your health. You shouldn’t have to wait until after work to feel healthy and get your body moving. Stay productive and healthy by trying Lifespan’s office treadmill desks and under desk bikes.

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Looking to revamp your commercial space?

Fitness equipment built to last for gyms, multi-housing communities, recreation and rehabilitation centers, and more.

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